Get Rid of Mold in Walls

If there is one thing we all can relate to, it is our significant other telling us not to call (insert specialist here), because they can fix if for cheaper. However as experience has shown, this is often not the case. A simple plumbing issue can turn into a busted pipe – or in the case of mold, the spores can go from contained to spread so far throughout the home that you have to throw away everything you own.

Mold Testing For Florida Homes

WHY FLORIDIAN HOMES SHOULD BE TESTED FOR MOLD TODAY The holiday season is one of our favorites, but with all the Falala’ing to be done, and Christmas carols to be sung, it is easy to push important things to the back of our minds. One of these things is the safety of our homes.

Florida Mold Remediation Expert

AN INTERVIEW WITH MARK MONGON, VICE-PRESIDENT OF TCB ENVIROCORP SENIOR FIELD OPERATOR AND SENIOR SCIENTIST WHEN DID YOU START TCB ENVIRO CORP, AND WHAT INSPIRED YOU TO GET INTO THE BUSINESS OF MOLD REMEDIATION? My wife and I started TCB Envirocorp in 2009. I had been involved in remediation in Boston on “The Big Dig” and in New York. When the state of Florida enacted licensing and regulations for mold remediation and removal, we felt called to make the move to the Sunshine State.

Keep Mold Out Of Your Home

The damage to your home has been done – or so you thought. Then, you called a mold remediation company like TCB Envirocorp, and they helped you reclaim the quality of life, health, and cleanliness you enjoyed before. But now that the remediation is finished, what can you do to avoid going through the same troubles in the future?

The Health Warning Signs Of Mold:
How To Listen When Your Body Says, “YOU HAVE MOLD!”

When the average person thinks of mold, they think of gross green, fuzzy spots growing on something old. But the truth is, mold can be subtle, sneaky, and growing in places you would never think to check. This is how some mold issues, the kind that make homes unlivable, are allowed to go on for so long – and cause irreversible damage to your home, your health, and your bank account.

Where Does Mold Hide?

Mold is a deadly killer, but oftentimes families don’t realize that it can creep up without warning. From toxic black mold, hairy green mold, to even a pink mold – all of these molds could be in your house without you knowing it. These invisible dangers spread toxic spores through the air in your home, compromising the safety, health, and cleanliness of you and the ones you love. In warm, humid environments, visible signs of mold can be virtually untraceable, while the physical effects of living in its presence – respiratory problems, rashes, watery eyes, and other inexplicable allergic reactions – are there all along.

Common places to find mold in a home

BATHROOMS Your shower, toilet, and sink are some of the most common locations for mold and mildew. These areas have a lot of moisture sources and can quickly become mold infested. You may see traces on the shower curtain, as well as behind the sink or toilet. mold testing jacksonville fl HOW TO KEEP MOLD OUT OF BATHROOMS Whenever water has dripped on the floor of the bathroom, dry the surface as soon as possible. You will also want to run the bathroom ventilation fan to pull moisture from the area. It is recommended you leave the fan on for 20 minutes after a shower/steam. If you find that you are getting mold/mildew in your bathroom you may want to check your exhaust fan and make sure it is functioning properly.

Water Leak? Now What?

Leaks in plumbing can lead to many more devasting issues and health concerns than just water damage. Leaks often go unnoticed, only to be discovered by the sudden appearance of a water stain. Sometimes it takes the stench ofmold to alert the homeowner. Even leaks from burst plumbing lines can lead to mold on and behind drywall and other porous surfaces. SIGNS OF A WATER LEAK Having a water leak is a stressful time for a homeowner. Knowing what to look for helps alleviate the potential for long term damage and health issues resulting from mold.

Is Household Mold Effecting the Health of You and Your Family?

WHAT IS MOLD? Mold is a type of fungus. It is a member of the fungi kingdom which is much more expansive than mushrooms as many believe. Fungi have a different cell structure than plants and animals and generally reproduce through spores. Mold thrives in moisture-rich places, which is why household mold is so common – our homes trap moisture. Common household products, such as air conditioners, contribute to mold growth throughout the house, increasing you and your family’s likelihood of encountering mold and the exposure of having adverse health effects on you, your family and your pets.

Don’t Put Off Mold Testing Any Longer!

How Homeowners Are Harming Themselves Amid COVID-19 : Social distancing, stay-at-home orders, self-quarantine, coronavirus; these words dominate the newsfeed of today, with the historic global pandemic causing millions of people to shut themselves inside for the health of the greater good. The CDC estimates that between 160 to 240 million people could end up infected during this outbreak.

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