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Do You Suspect Mold?

Mold can be found almost anywhere in your home or business. Mold spores are always in the air looking for a surface to colonize on. They can grow on almost any organic substance so long as moisture and oxygen are present. This includes wood, insulation, paper, carpet, and food.

Problem-causing mold growth commonly occurs when excessive moisture accumulates in the air or on a surface inside a building. While mold does thrive in humid conditions, it can be found in all climates. In fact, mold has been known to survive freezing temperatures. It just goes dormant until it gets warm enough for spores to grow.

mold testing st augustine fl
mold testing st augustine fl

Mold Testing Services

Have you Noticed:

  • A water leak
  • Dampness
  • Musty odor
  • Visible mold growth
    (these could be black, green, orange, or even white)?

If so, we highly recommend that you test for mold. This is especially true if you start to experience allergy symptoms that are out of the ordinary.

Our mold testing company uses a multi-step process. It’s part visual and part-chemistry. We test suspicious spots for the presence of mold spores. There are around 100,000 species and we know which types of molds are dangerous.

We can also test your indoor air quality to detect mold problems that you might not be aware of yet. If we find that mold is present during air sampling, we’ll come up with a customized plan for mold removal.

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mold testing st augustine fl
mold testing st augustine fl

Mold Removal

While our basic protocols for testing and removal are standard, every home is different. If we find mold, we’ll discuss all options for removing it and making sure that it does not come back. From our years of experience and test results, we recognize when mold damage is dangerous. We will you give an honest assessment as to what type of treatment is necessary, if any at all.

mold testing st augustine fl

Jacksonville Mold Detection

About Our Environmental Specialists

When sampling for mold, our professionals are held to a high standard of integrity and respect for our clients. TCB’s certified mold inspectors undergo constant training to provide only the highest quality service to our customers.

We strive to act as efficiently and effectively as possible. We also promise to treat the customer’s home as if it were our own. Our company prides itself on professionalism, integrity, and continuous customer focus with every service that we provide.

In order to nurture customer loyalty, we seek first to understand and appreciate the customer’s concerns in every situation. We’ll also honor each of those concerns at all times throughout the testing and rebuilding process.

Ready to schedule a service call?

Call today to book your appointment!

mold testing st augustine fl

Indoor Air Quality Testing

To protect yourself and your family from health risks, you should test the indoor air quality in your home. Contaminants in the air can cause asthma, allergic reactions, breathing problems, and even depression.

By protecting your home against contaminants, such as mold spores, you can reduce the potential for these health risks. We can give you peace of mind about the quality of air you breathe. Schedule your indoor air quality testing today!

mold testing st augustine fl
mold testing st augustine fl
mold testing st augustine fl

Water Damage Restoration & Mold Clean Up

Our company has been diagnosing and restoring water damage for more than 30 years. Restoration services we provide include dry out and dehumidification caused by plumbing leaks, roof leaks, hurricane, and fire damage. Our trained professionals can assess the situation quickly to prevent further damage.

A Jacksonville Mold Testing Company You Can Trust

TCB EnviroCorp was incorporated in 2009 and is family, owned and operated. Our mold evaluation company is licensed for mold testing throughout the entire state of Florida. Our senior environmental scientist Mark S. Mongon is extremely knowledgeable. He has more than 35 years of experience in environmental industrial hygiene testing, environmental remediation, and construction project management.

Previous completed projects include the World Trade Center, the Statue of Liberty, and the $14.5 billion Central Artery Tunnel in Boston.

Previous clients

  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
  • Jacksonville Housing Authority
  • Flagler College
  • Hilton Corporation
  • U.S. National Park Service
  • U.S. Naval Command
  • and thousands of satisfied residential customers.

Mold In Florida

We understand that time and professional expertise are the most valuable resources in any emergency situation, no matter the extent of the damage. Our technicians conduct the necessary testing quickly, efficiently, and around your busy schedule!

Service Areas:

Getting Rid of Mold – IT’S ABOUT YOUR SAFETY

Mold could be all around you right now and you would likely not even know it. According to the Centers for Disease Control, exposure to mold can lead to severe health problems. These include allergic asthma, allergic rhinitis, bronchopulmonary mycoses, sinusitis hypersensitivity and pneumonitis.

Mold issues can destroy walls, carpets, and any porous surface. Catching it early will preserve your investment and give you peace of mind. Call now and we will be at your home within 48 hours.

Contact our company today for a home inspection and comprehensive mold testing. We’ll schedule your consultation to see if you’re susceptible to mold. Then we’ll give you individualized treatment options for living a mold-free life.

mold testing st augustine fl
What Our Customers Say
Emily StewartEmily Stewart
21:36 15 Jan 24
Excellent consultation! Mark quickly responded to my inquiry and provided a comprehensive, practical solution for our crawlspace.
Jared BoiceJared Boice
13:31 15 Nov 23
Working with Mark was a pleasure. He took time to review and understand my mold situation, and his final report laid out all the facts and was presented in a professional manner.
Luis VelezLuis Velez
13:24 09 Sep 23
Very prompt to answer the phone and show up to take care of mold issue. They explained everything that was to be done step by step. Would definitely recommend and use them again.
Amanda EngstromAmanda Engstrom
15:56 01 Sep 23
Impressive and professional. I was needing someone to assist me fairly quickly. Mark was more than willing and showed up to do a very thorough analysis. Kind heart definitely has a passion for what he does. Educational in his services and is looking out for the best interest for the client. He pointed out a couple areas of concern that his eyes caught to address, to eliminate any further damages. Will definitely refer. Thank you
cheri cirasuolocheri cirasuolo
16:04 28 Aug 23
First of all, I want you to know that mold this type of mold is the scariest thing we face in a very long time. Mark just took us under his wing, reassured us that everything would be all right and that he would Tess and ease our minds, and tell us exactly what to do. Which he did he showed empathy and kindness, like I haven’t seen in a business in a very, very long time. He was efficient. He found black mold and advised us of the dangers and how to proceed next. I would recommend Mark especially to anyone and everyone even if you don’t see Mold have your home tested because it can be hiding in dark places that you cannot see. It might just save your life. I’m pretty sure Mark saved hours ‘!
Ryan RaymondRyan Raymond
22:53 16 Aug 23
Mark was extremely professional and knowledgeable. He answered his phone and was able to get the job done quickly and thoroughly. I would recommend him to anyone looking to learn more about their mold situation.
Bradd WeinbergBradd Weinberg
21:47 31 Jul 23
Mark is exceptionally experienced and learned in the mold and moisture arena. He spent over 2 hours with us comprehensively going over every area of concern ide and outside the ho in 1936). His recommendations were insightful, practical and very helpful. We are awaiting the lab results re mold which will come in a few days. We will definitely have Mark come back to do whatever work is necessary to cure the issues. Bottom line, we have trust in Mark and his company. He was also pleasant, courteous and professional.
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