Where Does Mold Grow?

Sneaky Places Mold Can Grow

At this point, you’re probably aware of the potential for mold growth in your home. And you’ve surely heard about the adverse effects of mold exposure on your overall health. However, what you may not know is that mold can be quite sly. Given that all it takes is some moisture and germs to promote growth, mold can hide in the unlikeliest of places.

Even if you were careful about the ventilation and maintenance of your home, you most likely haven’t even thought about checking these specific places. To prevent further problems from developing, make sure to include the following locations in your next mold inspection:

where does mold grow

Mold in Your Coffee Maker

Your coffee maker might be the last place you’d look for mold, but it could be dirtier than your faucet handle. Some surveys report that more than half of these machines will contain yeast or mold in their water reservoirs. Make sure to wash and dry each part of your coffee maker before putting it together to prevent nasty morning surprises.

Mold Under Sinks

We use kitchen and bathroom sinks all the time. The area under the sink is often neglected, though. However, this place is simply perfect for mold, as it’s dark, warm, and humid from the condensation. Don’t forget to check up on it every once in awhile and wipe it down with a cleaning solution.

Mold in Your Crawl Spaces

As the soil beneath your house contains moisture, mold can start growing inside the crawl spaces. What’s more, you most likely don’t visit your crawl spaces that often, which is why mold can easily go undetected there.

where does mold grow

Mold on Kids’ Toys

Children, especially young ones, just love nibbling on objects. In addition, they love playing with water and submerging toys in it. If you don’t clean and dry them out properly before putting them away, mold can start growing on and inside the toys.

Mold on Your Floor Mat

A “welcome” mat takes some serious beating every day. We wipe our dirty shoes on it, yet we almost never give it a second thought. However, because of all the dirt and moisture that can accumulate on it and get trapped underneath, mold can start growing quickly. Rinse your mat and hang it to dry regularly.

Mold on Your Appliance Seals

The silicone or rubber seals on your washing machine or refrigerator could also be harboring mold without you ever knowing it. After all, water and dirt can easily get trapped inside.

Mold in Your Filing Cabinet

If there’s plenty of humidity in your home or it’s been subject to water damage, the papers in your filing cabinet could become damp and start developing mold. The wood pulp that the paper is made out of is the perfect food for mold. Unfortunately, there’s no way to remove mold from paper. Thus, your best bet is prevention in this case.

Mold in Your Toothbrush Holder

When you brush your teeth and put your toothbrush back in the container, water will slowly drip down it and accumulate on the bottom, creating a perfect habitat for mold. Therefore, ensure that it stays clean and dry at all times.

TCB EnviroCorp for Fast & Effective Mold Removal

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