Why Use A HEPA Filter

August 8, 2022|

We've all been there: you're feeling under the weather, but you don't know what's causing it. You go to the doctor, who says that your symptoms are likely due to an allergy or another illness. They prescribe an antibiotic or steroid medication that helps with the symptoms but doesn't actually get rid of them entirely.

How to Reduce Mold in the Home

July 13, 2022|

Thankfully, it’s summertime. That means warmer temps across the country. Many homeowners use this as an excuse to open windows and let the fresh air inside. Not only is it pleasant to the senses, but fresh air can also help dilute airborne mold spores and create a healthier environment.

Preventing Mold Growth AFTER Mold Remediation

June 8, 2022|

TCB Enviro Corp clients who have completed the mold remediation process are able to breathe a sigh of relief after their clearance comes back clean. They understandably think, “glad that’s over.” But reality check…this is where the homeowner’s due diligence begins!

5 Reasons to Schedule A Mold Inspection

May 5, 2022|

Scheduling a mold inspection will put your mind at ease. If you are constantly sick or want to sell your home, investing in a mold inspection will be a game-changer for your family! In this post, we’ll share five reasons why scheduling a mold inspection is essential.

Questions to Ask a Mold Remediation Company

April 7, 2022|

Before we became a mold remediation company, we dealt with mold in our own home. We quickly learned first-hand the most important things to know about a mold remediation company before hiring them.

5 Reasons to Call a Mold Remediation Company

March 4, 2022|

One tricky aspect of having mold in your home is knowing when to call a professional for help. Below is a list of scenarios that warrant a call to a local remediation company, such as TCB EnviroCorp for Florida mold testing.

4 Ways to Prevent Mold

February 3, 2022|

When you think about thwarting mold growth, sunlight and ample air flow are your best friends. Proper air flow regulates home temperature and removes impurities. Therefore, something as simple as increasing air flow in your home can prevent mold growth from ever occurring.

Dos and Don’ts for a Mold-Free Move

January 10, 2022|

If there’s one thing that is true for the bulk of humanity, it’s that we tend to minimize problems in our minds in an attempt to just… not deal with them. It could be as big as building a home, or as small as a dirty pot or pan, but the task at hand is always the one we least want to deal with.

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