Dangers Of Black Mold

October 1, 2021|

If there’s one thing that is true for the bulk of humanity, it’s that we tend to minimize problems in our minds in an attempt to just… not deal with them. It could be as big as building a home, or as small as a dirty pot or pan, but the task at hand is always the one we least want to deal with.

3 Signs of Toxic Mold

September 2, 2021|

There may be visible signs of mold growing in your home right now – you can see it, or even smell it. But toxic mold flourishes in places you wouldn’t dream of checking. Common harbors of toxic mold can be found behind counters, inside of walls, and in dark, damp crawl spaces that haven’t been cleaned since they were built. Every nook, every cranny is a potential hotbed, a paradise for the mold spores which grow at rates akin to a pandemic.

Water Damage & Mold Clean Up During Hurricane Season

August 2, 2021|

Are you already planning for hurricane season? If so, you should probably plan for mold growth. We know all too well that time of year. The sickly, hot summer skies turn dark grey, and cool ocean winds whip through the air at deathly speeds. Water from above (and sometimes a palm tree) rains down on homes across the Florida coast.

Some (Not-So-) Fun Facts About Mold

July 7, 2021|

Our job may be to remediate mold and banish its toxic presence from your home or place of business. But that doesn’t mean we’re total sticks in the mud when it comes to the fun side of toxic mold! We are big believers in the silver lining, the rainbow after the storm, the glass-half-full perspective, all of that positive mumbo-jumbo. So who’s to say that the same cheery philosophy cannot apply to the mold we seek so fervently to eradicate?

Get Rid of Toxic Mold

June 2, 2021|

Let us start by saying this – it’s okay. We’ve all been there. We get comfortable with things we shouldn’t be comfortable with. We allow toxicity to run rampant because, well, it would just take so much effort to actually work on it. Let’s face it – we accept the home we think we deserve. We at TCB EnviroCorp are here to tell you, definitively, that YOU DESERVE BETTER!

Can Antifungal Foods Protect From Toxic Mold?

May 3, 2021|

The symptoms of toxic mold exposure can range from a slight annoyance, to dangerous and potentially life-threatening. Some of these symptoms – like damage to the respiratory system – are extremely difficult to reverse, even after mold is removed from the immediate surroundings.

Mold In The Home: 3 Common Questions

April 1, 2021|

Mold is a topic many people feel they know a lot about, even if they haven’t studied it extensively. They think of mold and picture green fuzzy stuff on cheese that’s been in the fridge for too long. Or the grey blotches that appear on bread that’s been sitting on the top of the shelf. Maybe they feel that, because they can’t see any mold in their home, there’s no way it can be there, or that it only becomes a problem when you can physically see mold growing up and down your walls.

What Are Your Rights as a Tenant with Mold in Florida?

March 1, 2021|

The legal boundaries of a tenant-landlord relationship are regulated on a state level, which means if you are living in Wisconsin, The Virgin Island, or on the International Space Station (can mold grow in space?) this article is, unfortunately, not for you. But for those of you living in the Sunshine State, you know as well as I do that the nickname does not account for the amount of moisture in the air, and the level of rainfall Florida can experience year-round. Hurricane season is always an up-and-coming affair, and for those living in a rented space, it can be tricky to navigate repairs with your landlord – things like water damage, leaks, and possible mold.

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