Can Mold Cause Hair Loss?

We know that mold exposure can have long-lasting health effects like severe allergies, bronchial infections, and chronic lung or sinus infections. But hair loss? Yes. Find out more in our latest blog.

How to Choose A Mold Company

Finding a reliable mold removal specialist can be intimidating. A mold problem is scary enough on its own, but with the amount of mold removal specialists found online, how does someone choose the right one? TCB EnviroCorp is here to help!

Mold On Windowsills

Mold are microscopic fungi that grow with ease in moist and dusty conditions. They are mostly present in bathrooms, under kitchen sinks, in areas where water has leaked into walls or floors, and in wet insulated areas. Sometimes mold also grows on window sills.

Can I Paint Over Mold ?

Mold and mycotoxins can have a severe impact on your health. It has the potential to cause respiratory issues, skin irritation, and other serious health problems.

Dangers of Hidden Mold

Amie Skilton from Australia was 37 years old when she moved into an apartment with her now-husband. She was perfectly healthy: she traveled around the country giving keynote speeches, did “fun runs”, and worked as a naturopath and nutritionist.

FAQs About Mold

When it comes to mold, there’s a lot of information out there, but that doesn’t mean that it is all factual! From methods of cleaning mold to which types of molds are hazardous to your health, misconceptions are everywhere.

The Difference Between Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew have earned reputations as major household hassles. Both are fungi, but there’s nothing fun about either of them. From causing flaking tile grout to creating persistent allergies, mold and mildew are never welcome guests in any home.

Mold Related Health Issues

Mold consists of microscopic organisms, which grow in the bathroom, and throughout the home. Common greenish-black mold (Stachybotrys chartarum) thrives in walls, through the ceiling, vents, under carpets, and anywhere it can find moisture.

Where Does Mold Grow?

At this point, you’re probably aware of the potential for mold growth in your home. And you’ve surely heard about the adverse effects of mold exposure on your overall health. However, what you may not know is that mold can be quite sly.

Tips to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s where you feel safe, cozy and most comfortable. It’s the place where you should have the least worry, unless your house is full of children who can’t remember to pick up their dirty clothes. Other than that, life at home is meant to be fairly easy.

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