Mold Inspections for Home Buyers

Purchasing Real Estate? Don’t Forget Your Mold Inspection!

While a mold inspection for your soon-to-be new home is something you may decide to do before closing the deal, you can rule out many problems (and even a few homes) yourself by using the following tips.

how to get rid of mold

Avoid homes with musty odors

Mold produces VOCs (volatile organic compounds) that your nose interprets as a “musty” smell. If a home smells musty or “mildewy” there’s likely a mold source somewhere causing the odor. It’s a classic sign of mold. The stronger the musty smell, the more likely that the mold problem is either large or active.

Look for evidence of poor cleaning habits

Mold needs three things to really thrive: moisture, a food source, and warmth. All of these ingredients are often present in homes, even if things are kept reasonably dry. When dust and grime are allowed to build up on interior surfaces and contents, mold is more likely to become a widespread problem throughout the home. Observe window casings, under the refrigerator, and behind heavy furniture. If there is a lot of accumulated debris or dust, it’s more likely that mold and other allergens will be present. 

Check for evidence of past water leaks

Take pictures and videos. Write down a description of the affected areas in your home. This will give whichever mold remediation team you choose a good place to start. Initial documentation of the mold problem will also give you a benchmark to look back on for reference. It will be helpful when reviewing the progress and eventual completion of the mold remediation process.

Run the faucet and open the cabinet where the facet runs to see what you find. Don’t be shy, this may be your home one day. Look for swollen baseboards, water spots and stains, or bowed and buckling floors. Water damage rarely happens without evidence. Past water problems are not always an indication of a mold issue, but they could be a clue.

Be suspicious of homes that smell too clean or have heavy fragrances present

Sometimes homeowners will make simple and quick touch-up changes to increase the value of their home. If a basement smells strongly of bleach or there is a strong floral scent in the air, it could be that the seller is simply putting their best foot forward or it could mean that they are trying to hide an odor problem.

Look past the new finishes

Prepping a home for sale often involves renovations. If every wall is freshly painted and there is new flooring throughout, look deeper and see if there are underlying problems or if the workmanship is questionable. Look in places where mold can hide – corners, inside closets, under cabinets or any other hard to reach areas. Legitimate renovators won’t leave problems unfixed knowingly, but it’s often easy to spot a home where corners were cut and the chances of a hidden problem are higher.

how to get rid of mold

While these tips shouldn’t replace a normal home inspection or a mold remediation expert from inspecting the home you are purchasing, they do come in handy on your journey to narrowing down your prospects.

TCB EnviroCorp for Home Buyer Mold Inspection

As always, TCB EnviroCorp is here to help if you have any questions or would like to schedule a mold inspection for your prospective new home. Florida is a hotbed for water damage problems and hidden mold. Don’t be sorry – be sure. Call for reliable mold inspection or air quality testing today!