How to Prepare Your Home for Mold Remediation

It happens to many Floridians… you’re reaching for something in the back of a cabinet, or finally getting around to vacuuming behind the couch, or looking up at a spot on the ceiling you never noticed before, when BOOM. It hits you. You see the dreaded mold, in YOUR home. What do you do now?

Once you spot mold in your home, it’s wise to contact a local mold remediation team for help. They can assess the air quality in your home and identify where the mold is spreading from. These experts are specially trained to eradicate mold and restore your home to a safe, healthy place.

Before the professionals arrive, however, there are some things you can do as a homeowner to make the process smoother. Here are a few tips on how to prepare your home for mold remediation.

how to prepare your home for mold remediation

Photograph Affected Areas

Photographing affected areas is important for both you and your mold remediation team. Once you’ve spotted mold in your home, snap a picture of it and all other areas of concern before your remediation team arrives. This lets you keep an eye on trouble areas after the initial remediation and provides documentation should anything go awry. It also serves as a baseline to let you see the progress the mold experts make.

how to prepare your home for mold remediation

Remove Pets From The Home

As with any in-home service, it’s best to ensure pets don’t get near the equipment or work area of your mold remediation team. Strangers, unusual noises, and people going in and out of the home are stressful for your pets. Consider having your pets stay with friends or family members until the remediation process is complete. It would be best for their health, and the mold team’s ability to do their jobs efficiently and correctly.

Don’t Move Things Too Much

Whenever you have a plumber or electrician come over, it’s natural to move furniture or belongings out of the way to provide access to important areas. However, speaking with your team before moving anything around when getting mold remediation is crucial.

Secondary mold situations frequently occur. These are instances where mold has left surfaces like walls or counters and has started growing on other objects. Agitating these objects spreads mold spores. It’s best to avoid moving things too much before your team arrives with the proper protective equipment and tools to isolate and contain spores. Moving things around risks exposing other areas to spores that can grow and turn an isolated mold problem into an outright home-wide infestation.

TCB EnviroCorp: The Mold Remediation Experts

Any mold removal team appreciates your efforts to prepare your home for mold remediation. We’re here to help our neighbors looking for mold removal in North Florida and the surrounding area! Our trained technicians at TCB EnviroCorp proudly work with you and keep you informed about what’s best for your family every step of the way.

Do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or concerns about mold in your home. We also provide water damage repair services. Schedule your Mold Inspection today!