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Mold is a deadly killer, but oftentimes families don’t realize that it can creep up without warning. From toxic black mold, hairy green mold, to even a pink mold – all of these molds could be in your house without you knowing it.

These invisible dangers spread toxic spores through the air in your home, compromising the safety, health, and cleanliness of you and the ones you love. In warm, humid environments, visible signs of mold can be virtually untraceable, while the physical effects of living in its presence – respiratory problems, rashes, watery eyes, and other inexplicable allergic reactions – are there all along.

Mold In The Bedroom

mold testing jacksonville fl

Have you had leaks or water damage in your bedroom ceiling? When the leak stopped, did you think your work was done? Think again. Hiding in the aftermath could be toxic mold, thriving in the humid environment that leak left behind.

Mold is sometimes found in or on furniture. Mold can even hide under your mattress! This normally occurs when the underside of a mattress lacks proper ventilation. Moisture builds for years and years under a mattress, meaning you could be sleeping on a hotbed of toxicity.

We love antiques too, but did you know that mold is often found in old furniture? Check your vintage wooden furniture, especially wicker furniture, for signs of toxic mold.

Mold can also grow on fabrics and accessories including blankets that have been stowed away for years and even belts that haven’t been properly cared for. Imagine, with all of these hiding places in the bedroom just how many toxic spores you’ve been breathing in, even while you sleep. If air quality, and your family’s health, is at all important to you, check these hiding spots and get some tests done. TCB EnviroCorp is here to help you.

Mold In The Kitchen

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Just like in the bedroom, ceiling leaks are a huge problem when it comes to toxic mold. But the ceiling is not the only hiding place for mold in the kitchen. When was the last time you took a peek behind your cabinets? Is it possible that mold spores, due to lack of ventilation, are growing inches from the plates, bowls, and cups you regularly eat and drink from?

We’ve even found mold growing behind refrigerators, where temperature regulation compromises the ventilation and balanced humidity of the space.

Mold in kitchens and bedrooms are the most common places, but we’ve seen mold everywhere – from laundry rooms to children’s nurseries. The things these spots had in common were poor ventilation, a build-up of moisture, or a leak of some sort. They all resulted in negative health effects of those living in the home.

Mold Testing And Mold Removal

TCB is ready to come in and test for mold where you most or least expect it. Whether there are physical signs or not, we believe every family has a right to the peace of mind that comes with having a mold-free home.
We inspect, test, diagnose, remove, and rebuild, all within our family-owned, local business.You may feel safe, you may feel healthy, but are you sure? Call to find out.