Prevent Mold Growth In The Summer

prevent mold growth in summer

Summer Bummer – Mold in the Hottest Months

During the hot, humid summer months of Florida, the potential for mold growth is certainly higher. Several factors play a part in this, including warmer temperatures, higher humidity, and rain showers. Mold can flourish in these conditions. Because Florida is such a warm environment, the potential for mold doesn’t really die down in the wintertime. The perfect conditions for mold exist all year long.

Heat and the Connection with Mold

While extremely high levels of heat may “kill” mold, these spores are just as dangerous dead as they are alive. This is why mold cannot be treated by using high temperatures. Additionally, the high temps required to perform this can be hazardous. It is not an appropriate way to handle a mold issue, as it does not actually remove the spores from the affected space.

With that said, heat, humidity, and a damp, dark environment provide a perfect recipe for mold growth. It’s important that in an enclosed space, such as a dark basement, that humidity levels are controlled to ensure that mold is unable to grow. If mold is provided with water (in this case, humidity) and a food source (organic matter, such as your wooden floor joists), then mold can begin to grow quickly, even within a matter of days.

Ways to Control Humidity in Your Home

While the temperature does play a part in mold growth, the humidity level is the main aspect you should be controlling in order to keep your home healthy. The EPA offers in-depth ways to manage humidity in your home but here are some quick bullet points to get you started.

prevent mold growth in summer

Get a Dehumidifier

The most surefire way to reduce indoor humidity is – you guessed it – to get a dehumidifier.

Use an Air Conditioner

An air conditioner naturally helps reduce indoor humidity as it’s introducing cooler air while removing warm, humid air.

Fix Leaking Pipes

Fix any water leaks and wrap exposed pipes in insulators. By doing this, condensation will stay at bay. What are some signs of leaking pipes? Stained drywall, wet spots, and irregular water bills.

Keep Gutters Clean

This one might be unexpected but gutters are often one of the most common causes of indoor water leaks – which is unhealthy for your home and its humidity level, as well as your health.

Open a Window!

Sometimes just opening your windows and letting in the fresh air will help lower the humidity levels in your home (except for when it’s humid out and you have your air conditioners running!).

We recommend keeping humidity levels at 45% – 50%. Too low of a humidity level can dry you out, and too high will create excess moisture. This range is a perfect happy medium to keep microbial growth at bay.

TCB EnviroCorp for Safe & Effective Mold Removal

If you live in St. Johns County or the surrounding Florida areas and have questions (or think you might have mold), don’t hesitate to reach out to TCB EnviroCorp. We’re a local, family-owned business offering mold remediation, air quality testing, and water damage clean up services. Schedule your mold inspection today!