3 Myths About Mold

Mold has been a reality of homeownership for centuries. With such a longstanding relationship, it makes sense that homeowners have developed a few misconceptions about mold in their home. It is easy to take old wives tales and stigma as fact, but TCB EnviroCorp is here to lay the confusion to rest. Let’s explore three commonly held misunderstandings about mold and dispel these myths for homeowners once and for all.

where to look for mold

Myth 1: Mold Signifies A Dirty Home

Some people spot mold in a home and immediately associate it with a messy lifestyle or poor housekeeping. It’s important to keep in mind that the two things that allow mold to thrive—moisture and warmth—have nothing to do with a dirty home. If you spot mold growing in your house, remember that the vast majority of homes sport some amount of mold and that it’s nothing to feel ashamed of. You can even find mold in a brand new home!

There are so many reasons mold could occur, and most of them have nothing to do with the cleanliness of your home. No matter how hard you scrub, or how often you dust, or how much Lemon Pledge™ you use on your floors, sometimes mold is inevitable – especially in warm, humid climates like Florida.

Myth 2: Bleach Always Kills Mold

Bleach is a go-to method for DIYers looking to rid their home of nasty visible mold without calling in a service. In some cases, bleach is an excellent way to kill the mold you can see. However, it’s essential to keep in mind that bleach isn’t a practical solution in most scenarios. Bleach only works on nonporous services. Bleach can’t help with mold growing on damp wood, in tile grout, or on fabric. The chemical can easily damage your surfaces, so it’s vital to test the bleach on a small, hidden surface area first.

If you feel like your mold issue is getting out of control and DIY efforts aren’t working, it’s time to call a mold remediation company.

where to look for mold

Myth 3: A Little Mold Is Fine To Ignore

Another commonly held misconception about mold is that ignoring a small bit of visible mold is fine. While we don’t like to panic homeowners over such a common issue, it’s good to remember that the mold we can see is rarely the full extent of the problem. There are places mold can hide and thrive below the surface, including in our walls, under tiles, and in our air vents.

If you spot a small amount of mold, consider any physical symptoms of mold allergies you’re experiencing and begin the search for a moisture source, like a water leak. This can help you determine if the visible mold is only a warning sign of a much larger issue.

Mold Inspection Near Me

If you’re living with mold, our team of certified technicians at TCB EnviroCorp are here to help. We offer mold removal in St. Johns County and the surrounding Florida region with an emphasis on honest and efficient service. We work with you to remove the mold from your home and empower you with the knowledge to prevent mold growth in the future. Call to schedule a mold inspection or air quality testing today!