Mold Testing St. Augustine FL

Mold is one of the oldest organisms on Earth. It is a spore-producing organism that often feeds on organic matter. Did you know that mold can destroy (decay) organic materials, such as grass, leaves, and wood, contributing to soil enrichment? However, the same mold growth and decay process can cause damage to your Saint Augustine home or business.

Mold grows and feeds on wood products, cardboards, wallpapers, carpets, drywall, and various other organic materials. As common building materials can sustain mold, note that growth in many indoor environments is usually related to water and indoor moisture. Mold can also grow on your walls, floors, and other surfaces that have undergone water damage, are experiencing a moisture control problem, or have not been allowed to dry completely.

Why You Need Mold Testing in St. Augustine

Mold growth is a widespread problem in St. Augustine. Mold can actually be the main cause of many respiratory ailments and can cause extensive damage to your Saint Augustine property.

Have you recently experienced any type of water damage and suspect mold? If so, it is essential to have mold testing and inspection completed by an experienced and professional mold testing company like TCB EnviroCorp. This is a necessary first step in order to determine if your Saint Augustine, FL home needs mold remediation and removal.

Why TCB EnviroCorp for Mold Remediation?

The mold inspectors and assessors at TCB EnviroCorp have the experience and knowledge to test for, as well as identify, the whole spectrum of contaminants. We provide mold testing and inspection services for residential, educational, governmental, and commercial clients throughout Saint Augustine, Florida.

Our experienced team performs investigations related to both water damage and mold contamination. TCB experts perform indoor air quality assessments, then produce reports with practical and meaningful recommendations.

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Has your home been affected by mold? Call TCB EnviroCorp and ask about our mold testing and mold remediation protocol. We will determine if you’re susceptible to mold, and then discuss treatment options. Contact our mold inspectors in order to start the investigation process as early as possible and avoid escalating damage. Let our competent team help restore your property to a healthy and normal state.