When Should You Contact a Mold Professional?

To call or not to call? This is the question often asked by our customers. It’s been our experience that home and business owners in Florida will allow a substantial amount of time to pass before they call and ask for help with mold. The problem, at that point, has already been growing for too long. It has become much worse than when the customer first noticed it.

There are a lot of reasons why someone puts off calling a professional mold testing company. Maybe they just had too much going on in the hectic mess of daily life. Or perhaps they simply have issues asking for help. We’ve also heard from our customers that they’re embarrassed to have let their mold infestation get out of hand. More often, they’re scared to know exactly how bad it’s gotten.

With mold growth, it’s easy to become overwhelmed – like you don’t even know where to begin. Whatever the reason, mold remediation is not a DIY process. You need a mold expert!

Why Get a Mold Inspection?

The truth is…. nobody wants a mold problem. The only thing people want less than a mold problem is to have to deal with a mold problem. We get it. The potential of having to alter your home, or to leave it entirely so mold can be safely and properly eradicated, is scary. Opening up a wall or ceiling and seeing how far the mold has spread gives people anxiety, and for good reason – fear exists to protect us from things that are dangerous. And as easy as it is to ignore at first, mold is extremely dangerous.

This is why a professional should be called as early as possible. There is no “too soon” or “jumping the gun” when it comes to preventing, removing, and remediating mold from a residence. The sooner you get to the root of the problem, the less the mold can spread. Containing the spread of mold protects your home and your family.

Warning Signs of Mold

If you’re asking, “Do I have mold in my home?” there are several warning signs you can look for. Some are obvious – water damage, such as recent flooding of the home or leaking in the ceiling and roof. Some are more subtle – funky, musty smell in the air, or in a particular part of the home.

Others manifest themselves in the human body, and not the home – symptoms of mold allergies such as respiratory issues, runny nose and itchy eyes, and constant sore throat. Even just one of these warning signs indicate that there could be toxic mold in your home. And not only that…mold spores are actually spreading through the air.


On the timeline of a mold infestation, waiting to call a professional can make a huge difference. In some cases, calling earlier could have prevented infrastructure damage, the destruction of precious items (i.e., antique furniture), and the home itself being livable and/or salvageable. We’ve seen that calling early stopped a landlord from having to completely rehome their tenants and losing their only source of income.

mold professional

Professional Mold Remediation Company

Our point is that you shouldn’t wait until the problem is unignorable. Don’t put off getting help with mold until the tiny little fungus is actively affecting your everyday life. Because at that point, it could be too late. Call a professional, licensed mold remediation company like TCB EnviroCorp to schedule a mold inspection and air quality testing. Deal with the problem before you’re forced to.