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An Interview with Mark Mongon,

Vice-President of TCB EnviroCorp

Senior Field Operator and Senior Scientist

When did you start TCB Enviro Corp, and what inspired you to get into the business of mold remediation?

My wife and I started TCB Envirocorp in 2009. I had been involved in remediation in Boston on “The Big Dig” and in New York. When the state of Florida enacted licensing and regulations for mold remediation and removal, we felt called to make the move to the Sunshine State.

What does a typical day on the job look like?

I don’t think there is a typical day. Each call presents a unique set of circumstances. TCB prides itself on not only testing but helping our client get to the causal factor – what is causing the problem.

When you call TCB, my wife, Genevieve, or I will answer the phone. We will ask some preliminary questions and schedule a convenient time to come to your residence. Since TCB is family-owned and operated, we’re able to be flexible with scheduling and can arrive at your convenience, not within a standard time.

Upon arrival at the site, I will continue to ask questions, use thermal imaging, moisture meter, high volume air pump, and a swab kit to test for mold spores and look for high moisture areas where mold might grow. If warranted, I will then take either air or swab samples, which are definitive for type of mold spores and quantity. The samples then go out to an independent lab. Upon receipt of the report from the lab, I will issue the findings to the client via email and phone. It can take 24-48 hrs to receive the results. I will then give recommendations for a healthier home.

TCB is a licensed Mold Assessor, Mold Remediator and General Contractor in the State of Florida. I travel out to active job sites daily – these are generally mold remediation sites, demolition sites, or sites rebuilding an area of the house that has been contaminated by mold such as bathrooms, kitchens, or bedrooms. I play an active role on all job sites. We take estimates on all costs for our clients and take it step by step – water mitigation, mold remediation, and build-back. This allows us to work with you intimately during the project, from start to finish.

What are some questions a first-time client should ask when getting their mold removed/samples taken?

Question the process. How are you going to sample the air? How are you going to test the surface? How are you going to know how much mold is present? How long will it take to get results? How will we know where the mold is coming from? How will we know where the moisture is coming from? How long does the sample take? How do I get it fixed? How long will it take to fix? Is my house safe to live in until I get this fixed?”

What do you love about mold remediation?

A healthy home is paramount to my wife and I. Unfortunately families find themselves in homes that are creating unhealthy air quality. I want to help people who are in really bad, contaminated situations and people whose health has taken a turn for the worse. I like to help them rebuild in an environmentally-friendly way and give them a clean, healthy home that will hopefully resolve their health concerns.