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There are many obvious places you might expect to find mold in your home: the walls near outdoor sliding glass doors, where water damage often occurs; ceilings, where leaks seep into the materials and fester; or near windows, where moisture levels are high as can be. Anywhere there is moisture – especially in places that don’t see the light – mold has an increased chance of growing and thriving.

But what about the mold that you can’t see, no matter how hard you look?

Mold spores can travel on air currents in your home, attaching themselves as sick little hitchhikers and spreading onto every surface they can find. Here are just some places you don’t think about where mold just might be lurking:

Mold On Your Kitchen Counter

It’s taco night, and you’re in charge of the guacamole. But what you cannot see is a secret ingredient making its way into that green avocado goodness. Hidden in the diced onions and lime juice are dangerous black mold spores, the kind of seasoning nobody wants. When you cut up those avocados, the mold spores spread from your counter into your dish. Your friends and family will ingest these spores without even knowing, wreaking potential havoc on their immune systems.

Mold On Your Toilet Paper

This might be a sensitive topic, but we really need to discuss this. Were you aware that you were wiping, not just with double-ply, but with a heavy amount of mold spores? The bathroom is actually one of the most popular places in the home for mold to grow – a combination of lack of light and high moisture levels makes it a lovers paradise for mold infestation. With mold spores spreading so easily through the air, it only makes sense that some of those spores end up sitting on top of the toilet paper you use to wipe.

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Mold In Your Morning Coffee

Some people like cinnamon in their coffee. Others prefer cream and sugar. But I don’t suppose there is a single person alive who likes mold in their cup of morning joe. Unfortunately for some people, that might be exactly what they get. I wouldn’t say dangerous spores of mold make the best flavoring for coffee and most people don’t even know they’re ingesting it. That’s because they haven’t had a licensed inspector, like the inspectors of TCB EnviroCorp, take samples and perform an air quality check in their home.

Mold On Your Toothbrush

Oral hygiene is the gateway to health. Most people opt for whitening toothpaste, something in the minty-fresh variety. But how white are your teeth going to get when you’re brushing with a wet toothbrush that is (unbeknownst to you) riddled with mold spores?

mold testing jacksonville fl

TCB EnviroCorp For Air Quality Inspection

Now the question is, are you confident that there are no mold spores in your casserole? Your toothbrush? Your English breakfast tea?

Find out for sure and put your mind at ease. Contact a mold remediation specialist in your area. TCB EnviroCorp can help you keep your family (and your food) safe.