How to Hire the Right Mold Removal Specialist

Finding a reliable mold removal specialist can be intimidating. A mold problem is scary enough on its own, but with the amount of mold removal specialists found online, how does someone choose the right one? TCB EnviroCorp is here to help!

how to choose mold company

Do your research.

Just like you would research a realtor or home inspector, it is crucial to research mold inspectors and contractors. You don’t want just anyone inspecting your home. It is your job to entrust in a professional who knows a thing or two about mold removal. Beware of companies offering lofty claims. At TCB EnviroCorp, we provide consultations to ensure each project is an excellent fit for our customers.

Researching the right mold inspection company doesn’t need to be a headache. Ask family and friends on social media for their recommendations. A simple Google search will also yield top results. Once you’ve found a few companies, be sure to look at their reviews.

It is crucial to choose a mold expert that has not only good reviews and great customer service but is also a trustworthy company. Trustworthiness cannot generally be assessed upon reviewing a website. Don’t be afraid to do some digging!

Get a few quotes before selecting a specialist.

Before choosing a mold contractor in Florida, be sure to get a few quotes to ensure you’re not overpaying for your mold inspection. Some companies will nickel and dime their customers and underdeliver. It is important to test the waters and ensure you’re getting a quality service with a price to match.

Don’t be afraid to ask mold contractors questions to learn about their services. Finding mold is their job! The right mold removal specialist will be knowledgeable and educate you on what they offer. If the mold expert cuts you off to schedule an inspection, you’ll probably be better off taking your time and money elsewhere!

how to choose mold company

Questions to ask your potential mold removal specialist.

Many homeowners want peace of mind when scheduling a mold inspection. Whether you are buying a residential property or selling your property, it’s important to select the right expert for your inspection. If you are looking to buy or sell a home, it is a great idea to consider getting a mold inspection. Here are the questions to ask a potential mold specialist before hiring them on as a contractor!

  1. What exactly do you look for?
  2. How do you prove if I have mold in my home?
  3. How long will the inspection last?
  4. What should I expect if you find mold in my home?
  5. Can you walk me through how a mold inspection works?
  6. What percentage of your customers face mold related illnesses?
  7. Do you perform remediation?
  8. What types of tests do you perform?
  9. If mold is found, what do you recommend that we do?
  10. How much will this cost to remove and remediate?

As a homeowner, it is important to trust in a professional who knows what they are doing! If you indeed have mold in your home, you need a trusted remediation company who will get the job done right. At TCB EnviroCorp, it is crucial for us to educate our customers on causes of mold, mold inspections, and mold remediation. We want to add tools to your toolbox!

You wouldn’t put your confidence in just any service contractor, so why blindly select a mold professional? It is essential to do your research, obtain several quotes, and ask the tough questions to potential candidates. At TCB EnviroCorp, we are here to put your mind at ease. We make the mold inspection process painless and simple, like it should be!

You deserve to hire the right mold removal specialist.

Scheduling a mold inspection is important and at TCB EnviroCorp, we make it easy for our customers! Contact TCB EnviroCorp today for a consultation. We also provide water damage restoration services and indoor air quality testing. Ask us how we can help today!