Water Leak? Now What?

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Leaks in plumbing can lead to many more devasting issues and health concerns than just water damage. Leaks often go unnoticed, only to be discovered by the sudden appearance of a water stain. Sometimes it takes the stench ofmold to alert the homeowner. Even leaks from burst plumbing lines can lead to mold on and behind drywall and other porous surfaces.

Signs Of A Water Leak

Having a water leak is a stressful time for a homeowner. Knowing what to look for helps alleviate the potential for long term damage and health issues resulting from mold.

Typical water leaks can present themselves in several ways:

  1. Visible water stain

    Discoloration on the ceiling, floors, cabinets, windowsills and other surfaces can be one of the first indicators of a water leak. Usually once a stain is present, the water intrusion has already occurred, andmold is beginning to develop. The quicker the response, the less damage to your home and health.

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  2. Bubbling paint

    Do you see areas of bubbling paint? That is due to moisture getting between the drywall and the paint. It is important to investigate the area for moisture and mold. The bubbling paint is usually just the beginning of the problem. Prompt action can help eliminate long term effects.

  3. Discoloration on wood surfaces

    Cabinets, floors, and wood paneled walls will show signs of discoloration (sometimes white in nature) that will be an indicator of water damage. Often the damage you see on the front side of a surface is 10x worse on the backside.

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Remember mold needs moisture and a food source in order to grow. In typical situations, mold can begin to grow within 24-48 hours of the start of the leak. Small pin-hole leaks that go unnoticed over time can create large problems for homeowners.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), mold typically takes 24 to 48 hours to grow after a flood if the right conditions are met. The type of surfaces and materials, amount of moisture, and temperature will influence how fast mold can begin to grow. It can take anywhere from 18-21 days for the mold to become visible after a flood if no action is taken.

The faster the cleanup and drying takes place, the smaller the chances of major mold growth in your home. It is imperative that damaged materials get removed or dried out as soon as possible.


Once you know or suspect you have a leak, it is imperative that you call a professional company. TCB EnviroCorp, Inc. will help you determine where the leak is from, begin the dry-out process, and determine if there is any mold growth.

Sometimes hidden leaks present themselves as a musty odor and develop over time. They can remain hidden until the mold appears onporous surfaces. As a result, routine maintenance checksfor strange smells and damaged walls are necessary measuresfor keepingyour home safe.

TCB EnviroCorp, Inc. is here to help you and your family maintain a healthy lifestyle. Please call us with any questions.