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Why Floridian Homes Should Be Tested for Mold TODAY

The holiday season is one of our favorites, but with all the Falala’ing to be done, and Christmas carols to be sung, it is easy to push important things to the back of our minds. One of these things is the safety of our homes.

Mold is not always an obvious presence in the home. It can be hiding behind the walls, in the ceiling, under furniture, under floors. Once a mold problem starts, it takes removal and remediation to restore the air quality and health of a home. That’s why it is always a good idea to get tested when possible problems arise.

Here are just a few reasons why Floridian homes should be tested for mold as soon as possible.

1. Mold can cause potential damage to the home

If a mold problem exists, or the potential for one exists, it’s likely your home already has damage. This could be water damage, wood rot, or structure damage. These problems are hazardous for a number of reasons. This damage could be affecting the health of your loved ones. It could also be driving your property value down by allowing damage to decrease it. Getting tested for mold by a licensed company could help identify these problems and solve them before they cause costly repairs.

2. Mold remediation prevents any future damage to the home

One of the key aspects of mold remediation is preventing mold infestation from happening again. By testing your home for mold, you are taking preemptive action against damage that could compromise the value or safety of your home. Leaks and vulnerable spots in the home can be identified and resolved by mold remediation, and any further water damage prevented.

3. Mold removal preserves the health of your family

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The most tragic effect of mold we see is the declining health of families who live in mold-infested homes. This especially affects people prone to respiratory illness, or people who don’t have a strong immune system. This could include your children, especially the younger ones, and older residents such as grandparents, or anyone with pre-existing conditions such as asthma. Protecting them is our number one priority, and by getting tested for mold, you’re making it yours, too.

4. Get rid of mold

It’s easy to let things that feel out of control, control us. By letting mold problems persist, you could be unknowingly leading your family into a dangerous situation. Mold can render a home entirely unlivable, putting you and those you love out of the home for an undetermined amount of time. By getting tested for mold, you are gaining control over your home’s health and wellness.

In the long run, it is worth the phone call. Getting tested for mold today could spare your family health issues and an unlivable house tomorrow. TCB is available for consultation and inspections in the north Florida area. You could be a simple phone call away from a safe, clean, and happy holiday home.