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Let us start by saying this – it’s okay. We’ve all been there. We get comfortable with things we shouldn’t be comfortable with. We allow toxicity to run rampant because, well, it would just take so much effort to actually work on it. Let’s face it – we accept the home we think we deserve.

We at TCB EnviroCorp are here to tell you, definitively, that YOU DESERVE BETTER!

You Deserve A Mold-Free Home

Those days of just lying down and accepting the toxic ways of mold growth are in the past. We are in a new age, where the role of the homeowner isn’t just to accept the toxic mold spores in your home with a smile on your face. We don’t need to sacrifice our air quality to mold’s narcissistic obsession with “self-growth.” We don’t want a leech like mold living in our walls, under our flooring, up in our attic, rent-free, causing NOTHING but grief!

But it’s hard to finally put your foot down and say, “Enough is enough.” So here at TCB EnviroCorp, we’ve made a handy list as a reminder that, when the breakup between you and your toxic mold seems impossible, you and your home are more than worth the trouble.

1. Mold Is Bad For The Kids

Mold hates your kids – and possibly your parents. When you first found mold in your home, this may have been something you could get past. You tried to push it to the back of your brain and reasoned, “Oh, we’ll wait till this gets serious to address that can of worms.” But it’s not just a subtle disdain for children, is it? It’s not just another tick in the “cons” column for your newfound living partner? It’s a malicious, vile, actively-trying-to-harm-your-children kind of hate.

Not only does this hatred reach your children – but it also extends to the elderly people living or visiting your home. Mold is found to be extremely harmful to those in age brackets who are susceptible to respiratory illnesses – children and the elderly. This should be your first (and hopefully only) reason to kick mold to the curb.

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2. You Need Help Getting Rid Of Mold

It’s not a diaper – you can’t change it alone. No matter how much you think, “it just needs someone to believe in it, and it will get better in time,” mold has a growth cycle that only gets worse. Mold is not some annoying itch that will go away if you ignore it, or some pasta sauce stain that can be cleaned with baking soda and cold water. You cannot, and should not have to, deal with this alone.

It’s time to call in an expert – a licensed expert, like TCB EnviroCorp. We can estimate air quality, moisture levels, and assess any cracks and crevices where water damage might have allowed toxic mold to live rent-free in your home.

3. Mold is Toxic

You can do so much better. Let’s be honest – look at your home. It’s a stunner. A dime. It takes pride in its appearance, it has both function and fashion, and most importantly, it’s where you and your family conduct your day-to-day activities. So why would you ever settle for less than you deserve?

Mold is a problem that needs to be dealt with so your home can continue to thrive. Since it won’t leave on its own, you need to trust a company that knows your home’s worth – like TCB EnviroCorp. We’ll get our hands dirty and teach that mold who’s REALLY running the shop.

TCB EnviroCorp for Florida Mold Removal

Pick your head up, kings and queens. Mold is not your friend, your lover, or worthy of your time. It is garbage growing in your walls. Let TCB EnviroCorp take out the trash for you.