Most non-professional treatments simply cover up odors and possibly kill off surface molds or impurities temporarily. Unfortunately, they can’t penetrate deeper into walls and other areas where molds and mildew originate.

Furthermore, such sprays or aerosols often contain harsh chemicals or synthetic ingredients that could be harmful when ingested. The feeding ground of the mold spores must be identified in order to eliminate the source. Otherwise the problem will not be fully resolved.

The act of disturbing mold can increase the airborne spore level by ten-thousand times. This can result in severe illness and actually encourages mold growth if done improperly. Such high levels of airborne mold spores warrant protective clothing, including gloves, goggles, and a HEPA respirator.

If you suspect you have toxic mold in your home, consider hiring a professional mold remediation expert. They will be able to safely clean up the mold and dispose of it.